Belief Builder for Business - A Simple Guide

Welcome Awakened Entrepreneurial Soul!

I created this simple guide because I strongly feel with every fiber of my being that the power of belief is what fuels the manifestation of what humans desire to create and build in this life. My hope is that by using this guide you will experience a shift in your mindset that will help you to take inspired and aligned action in your current business or in the launching of your new business. Your work is needed in this world, now more than ever. It's time to rise up and do the work you came here to do. Let's not let limiting beliefs get in your way.

In this simple guide you will discover:

  • Why it's so important to pay attention to your beliefs

  • Which beliefs are the most important to focus on in the business arena

  • How to rate or gauge your belief levels

  • How to raise your belief levels for optimal performance in business

Are beliefs really that important?

The short answer is YES, they really are that important.

Allow me to explain.

EVERYTHING begins with WHAT YOU THINK. You are ALWAYS creating with your thoughts whether you do so on purpose or by default. What you think affects what you FEEL. What you FEEL

affects what ACTIONS you take. The ACTIONS you take affect the RESULTS you see.

A BELIEF is simply a thought that you have repeated over and over again until it became habitual. You no longer think the thought consciously. It just runs in the background in your mind subconsciously. The thought just IS. It isn't questioned anymore. It's just FACT to you. So, if a belief is just a habitual thought, and thoughts start everything, then if you don't believe something is possible, you WILL NOT ACT. It's as simple as that. Why bother or waste your time? Even if you have good "reason" to do something, but deep down you don't have will self-sabotage. Most of this occurs on a subconscious level. You may even convince yourself you're "trying"; however, your attempts will be futile. It's a vicious cycle.

The good news can do something about it!


Where to focus

What areas of business should I monitor my belief levels?

1) Do you believe in your INDUSTRY?

Are you an energy healer? If so, do you believe that you can actually create a business and make an income by offering your healing sessions? Are you in online coaching or consulting, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, infopreneurship (blogging/e-courses), or network marketing? The same applies to all industries. It makes no difference what you do, what does make a difference is how you feel about the work that you do. How do you feel and what do you believe about the industry you're in? Do you believe it's a viable venture?

2) Do you believe in your COMPANY or BUSINESS STRUCTURE?

How is your business structured? Are you starting your own company? Are all the necessary foundations in place for business success? Are you aligned with a Network Marketing Company? How much faith do you have in that company?

3) Do you believe in the Product(s) and/or Service(s) that you provide or promote?

Do you believe that the product or service that you offer or promote really gives your client/customer the desired transformation/outcome/solution?

4) Do you believe in your COMPENSATION/PRICING?

This is a big one. If you don't believe in your pricing, or your capability to receive income, MONEY will NEVER find its way to you. Clearing money blocks and building belief in abundance is essential for business success!

5) Do you believe in YOURSELF?

How do you feel about yourself, your capabilities, your tendencies, and your level of self-awareness? Do you take action despite fear or uncertainty? How is your ability to learn something new?

6) Do you believe in YOURSELF IN BUSINESS?

Do you believe that you can actually do the desired business? You may see others do it and have success in their ventures but may not believe that you can have that success too. Or, maybe you believe you're a great service provider, but you don't have confidence in running a business, so you don't believe in yourself in the business arena.


Rate your current belief levels

Rate Your Level of belief for the below on a level from 0 to 10

0=Absolutely NO Belief, 10=Unwavering Belief

(unwavering belief = no matter what anyone says, you will not change your level of belief. Absolutely nothing will change your mind whatsoever.)

First list the rate number, then list why you chose that number. What are your doubts or fears? What are you certain or confident about?

Your Industry:



Your Company or Business Structure:



The Product(s) and/or Service(s) You Provide:



Your Compensation/Pricing:



In Yourself:



In Yourself in the Business Venture:




Raise Your Belief Levels

Yes!!! We're at the good news mentioned earlier! Here's the SOMETHING you can do about it!!!

If beliefs affect your actions and results, and a belief is simply a thought repeated again and again until it becomes an ingrained subconscious thought, then you can change your BELIEFS by changing your THOUGHTS. You can do this consciously. It really is that simple.

So, how do you do this?

You find evidence to support your new thoughts and you give yourself time REGULARLY to make thinking these new thoughts a habit.

Habits are learned behavior and beliefs are habitual thoughts. So, making a change in the belief department must be approached as learning!

First, think about the medium in which you like to learn. Do you like audio training/podcasts, videos, books? Choose your favorite and rely on that medium as much as possible when seeking outside evidence to support your new thoughts. If you enjoy how you are learning, you will be more likely to stick with it.

Second, do some online research to find supportive evidence and purchase or download/save that evidence for future reference. Refer to it often.

Third, create the new thoughts that you want to believe.

  • Write them down. Write them in the PRESENT tense as if they are already a FACT. FOCUS ON POSITIVE STATEMENTS. DO NOT USE prefabricated affirmations. It is very important that these thoughts are your own and in your own language. It will more believable to you that way.

  • Schedule a regular time to read them OUT LOUD. Yes, thoughts are things, but audible words are more solidified things with stronger vibration and therefore, more effective! When reading, put as much emotion and feeling into the words as possible. What does it feel like to have what you have, be what you want to be, to serve who you desire to serve?

Before you know it, the evidence of these beliefs will be seen more frequently in your life. Circumstances will arise to support your new-found beliefs! You will no longer question those thoughts...they just ARE.

What’s Next?

Congratulations! You've done the work to see a shift in your mindset! That is no small feat. The work is simple, but by no means easy...especially at first!


Your next step is to schedule regular times in your calendar to work on raising your belief levels in the categories that you have laid out by doing the work by going through the steps in this post.


Next, follow that schedule consistently. Review your schedule every so often (like every quarter, or every moon cycle), and remove what doesn't feel in alignment and add new practices that you feel will now be in alignment for you.


Then, use your new-found belief in yourself and your business to launch those dreams on your mind and heart and bring them to life in the world.

Thank you so much for reading and using this guide. I sincerely hope that it has helped you raise your levels of belief so you can take action in your business right away! The time is now...and I very much look forward to seeing the inspired work you will put forth in the world. Your clients are waiting...they need the gifts you have...and you have a deep desire to offer those gifts. Don't EVER forget that!


About The Author

Bianca Aponte, a certified holistic energy healer, and coach provides guidance and inspiration to spiritual entrepreneurs through her online brand Fuel Your Magic™ and her podcast Launching Light. As a former gymnast and longtime gymnastics coach (where she acquired the moniker Coach Bianca), she now leverages that high-performance coaching experience along with her energy work training to support lightworkers who are here to spread their light with flow and success through business.

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